Opera Armchair

With Opera we offer a complete range of office chairs of great prestige designed with skill and wisdom. The result of an ongoing research on structure detailed elements, excellent design, great care on details and great attention to shapes and aesthetic values. Distinctive ademarks are the details of the leather covers cleverly matched with wood. Stand out for  the typical “capitonnée” technique, a classic  workmanship handed down from generation to generation which emphasizes and enhances the timeless beauty of quality leather. Persistency and value are the elements that always belong to the Dazato tradition. The structure is made of laminated beech, poplar and larch woods, all flexible woods that allow a perfect ergonomic shape. The seat and backrest stuffing is made of three different density levels of polyurethane foam and of Memory Foam. The motion mechanism is of steel and aluminum with adjustable positions and an excellent balance between relax and weight. The basis frame is made of steel and covered with solid wood finishing oak, walnut, rosewood and wengè. The upholstery and special processing is of a selected full grain and high quality leather. When touched it gives a sensation of total softness further enhancing its capitonnée craftsmanship. On request of the customers we can use any color leather and any wood type.

Presidential armchair

Managerial armchair

Conference armchair

Conference armchair

Leather finishes

Wooden base