Our way of conceiving the office

Love for details, quality of the wood, leather, fabrics and the research of ever-new solutions for armchairs, sofas, office chairs, desks, bookcases and accessories are at the basis of philosophy for office furniture. The office fitted in classical or in modern style, becomes for Dazato a space to live and enjoy. Here is born the concept of high functionality applied to the office furniture : chairs and armchairs (in the various versions : Presidential, executive, operational and chairs for waiting rooms) of high quality, desks and office furniture that are comfortable and refined.

Custom-made furniture
customized solutions

Dazato offers a complete range of furniture for furnishing offices, operational areas and executive offices, accompanying the different proposals with the most suitable armchairs for every type of need.

In addition to dedicating itself to the production of specific lines of office furniture and the production of standard chairs, desks and computer tables, it can also satisfy particular customer needs and carry out special projects.

Our references

Italy - Insurance

  • Toro Assicurazioni
  • Milano Assicurazioni
  • Assicurazioni General
  • Duomo Assicurazioni

Italy - Privately-owned and state-owned enterprises

  • INPS
  • Ministero della Finanza
  • Ministero della Difesa
  • Ministero della Salute
  • Presidenza Regione Lazio
  • Telecom - Napoli
  • Prefettura - Roma e Pescara
  • Prefettura - Prato
  • Corte dei Conti - Roma
  • FIEG - Roma
  • ANCI
  • Università di Torino
  • Il Sole 24 Ore
  • SAP Italia S.P.A.
  • Johnson & Johnson

Italy - Banks

  • Banca Commerciale Italiana
  • BNL di Trieste

Abroad - Russia

  • Ministero dell'energia atomica - Mosca
  • Accademia russa scienze - Mosca

Aboad - Germany

  • Financial School

Abroad - Hungary

  • International Summit Meeting C.S.C.E. - Budapest

Abroad - Algery

  • Arabian Countries Meeting Center
  • Palazzo del Governo
  • Commercial Bank International
  • Ministero dell'Istruzione

Abroad - U.A.E.

  • National Bank - Dubai
  • United Arab Emirates Presidency

Abroad - China

  • Agricultura Bank of China, BAO Steel Group

Abroad - France

  • Palazzo municipale - Parigi
  • Corte d'Appello - Dijon

Abroad - Hong Kong

  • Parlamento e Palazzo di Giustizia

Abroad - Bermuda

  • Top Glory Insurance

Abroad - Portugal

  • Gruppo Jeronimo Martins Madeira

Abroad - Poland

  • Corte di Giustizia - Varsavia

Abroad - Thailand

  • ONU

Abroad - Mozambique

  • Ministero dell'Istruzione

Abroad - Angola

  • Ministero dell'Istruzione

Abroad - Georgia

  • Presidenza della Repubblica

Custom made
special and customized projects

The company is able to assist the customer in the choice of standard office furniture (cabinets, tables, computer desks, armchairs, chairs, sofas for waiting rooms, office accessories) more suitable for the furnishing of executive and operational rooms. Furthermore we are able to oversee the client in customized projects and in the production of custom-made office furniture. The design and realization of new office furniture is executed with extreme care, considering the details, the maximum functionality and the harmony.

In particular, Dazato – Office Furniture, is able to furnish conference rooms with prestigious custom-made tables. In the conference rooms the table represents the focus and should be designed to foster the conversations between participants and the exposition of the concepts and projects. Therefore the choice of the conference table is assessed with extreme attention. The result is the creation of meeting tables of right size (are also available large-size conference tables) with customized details and armchairs and chairs matching the style of the furniture and the conference room.


What we do
a Made in Italy production

Producer of fittings and office furniture since 1987, Dazato improves constantly the study of new trends for interior design and new technologies to create innovative fitting proposals being always abreast with the times. In Conegliano branch , in Treviso Province, Dazato is carrying on the development of new lines of chairs, armchairs, desks, bookcases, accessories, office furniture, waiting rooms, modular pedestals, workstations, conference rooms and sofas with the same care and attention proposing an elegant and sober style of high quality level.

Dazato produces office furniture:

  • Executive desks
  • Operational desks
  • Conference tables
  • Bookcases
  • Office cabinets
  • Modular pedestals
  • Office accessories
  • Executive and presidential armchairs
  • Operational armchairs
  • Office sofas for waiting rooms

The list of our finishes:

  • Walnut
  • Antiqued Walnut
  • Natural Walnut
  • Wengè
  • Natural Wengè
  • Rosewood
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