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Our philosophy

Dazato has been designing and manufacturing a high quality office furniture for over 30 years.

Dazato conceives the office, the workplace, the desk space, as an oasis where comfort, functionality and elegance are living in harmony.

Dazato’s office furnitures, armchairs, chairs and desks are always a gift for the senses : they are nice and refined, pleasant to the touch and confortables.

All office furniture ranges are characterized by refined beauty, high quality materials and offer a great functionality and versatility.

The choice of a valid product as a desk or an office armchair is always characterized by the research of a good union between performance and harmony and above all , it is essential that these features are kept constant in the time.

The main requisites, that can be found in Dazato’s office furniture, are the total functionality, the comfort and the long-life, combined to the accuracy of the handicraft manufacturing.

Dazato offers furniture lines made with different materials: wood, glass, stainless steel, ranging from traditional to more modern taste.

Executive armchairs, office armchairs, conference armchairs, auditorium armchairs, chairs for waiting rooms, ergonomic armchairs, executive desks or conference tables:

they are all realized with the utmost care, attention for the details, high quality materials and excellent finishes.

The continuous search for precious materials to make the office experience unique is what distinguishes Dazato on the Italian and international market.

The skilled staff of Dazato in Treviso branch creates office furniture that are able to meet the most demanding customers thanks to the quality and the refinement of style of its products.

The great care for details as the 45° symmetric cut of the desk top and the use of fine woods as the Italian walnut and the rosewood guarantee an high quality level of office furniture designed by Dazato.

The attention to design in office furniture is always linked to the fundamental concept of the "office space" as a comfortable and functional place.

In Dazato, the continuous testing of new and innovative materials (as the zinc-coated steel) keeps pace with the use of more traditional and noble materials as the wood.

The advanced technologies are used in a smart way without forgetting the traditional handicraft skill.

Our finishes


Our work as office craftsmen



Dazato creates tailor-made projects, designed according to customer needs, office spaces and functionality.



Continuous support and warranty on all our products up to 5 years from purchase.


Special finishes

Not only walnut, rosewood and wenge: the customer can choose the finish that best suits his taste and style.



Always attentive to the needs of customers, we are available to create customized projects.

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